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You’ve Been Framed Best Game For Kids

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You’ve Been Framed is a unique game with 36 mini frames and 100 different patterns to build that increase slowly in difficulty as they go up.

The game itself is based on speed: All players build the same frame and see who can do it the fastest. Just present a pattern card and build it.

There are enough supplies for up to 4 players. The frames are hard plastic, come in four different colors and three sizes.

As you can see in the image above, each of the three different sizes get a littler taller as they get smaller. The frames measure 2″ square, 1.5″ square and 1″ square.

There are 50 pattern cards and each card has a different pattern on each side, so 100 patterns total. There are 3 levels of cards:

Level 1 – Pattern will be built flat against the table.
Level 2 – Patterns will be built flat against the table but pieces will be stacked on top of each other.
Level 3 – Patterns will be built vertically, stacked on top of each other.

  • The patterns are numbered 1-100 so you can record where you leave off if you are working from easy on up. Seventy-five of the patterns are built flat against the table and 25 are built vertically.
  • Each pattern that will be built vertically has a thick solid line under it to indicate the table. If these particular cards are not facing you when they come up during play, you will still have to be able to visualize and build the pattern right-side-up.
  • Stacking smaller pieces inside of larger pieces isn’t quite as easy as it looks as smaller pieces get wider and will have to be balanced inside. Here are several of the cards:
  • There is also a small timer with a red button on top (see image above). When you finish building, press it quick and it will say “You’ve been framed.” The quality is not great, but understandable.


  • Be the first one to win 10 pattern cards and win the game and become the winner.

Set up:

  • Shuffle the cards and place them in a pile on the table. Place the buzzer in the middle of the players. Give each play a set (large, medium, small) of frames of each of the four colors (12 total for each player). Choose one person to flip the cards.


  • All players play at the same time. Flip one card and everyone builds. When someone finishes and hits the buzzer all other players stop while it is checked. If the pattern is correct, the player wins the card. Here are penalties if the pattern does not match the card:
  • Give back one of the cards you have already won if the pattern does not match. The flipper takes that card and the current pattern and puts both cards on the bottom of the deck.
  • Give one card back if part of your pattern falls before it can be checked. Places cards under the deck.
    Sit out one turn if either of these happen and you don’t have a card to give back.
    Keep playing until someone wins 10 cards and wins the game.

Try this:

  • Skip the game. Build the models one at a time and let the individual build from your pattern if they are unable to build from a 2D pattern.
  • Skip the game. Go through the deck just building the models. Then turn the deck a quarter turn and build the models again. Play through four times, each time from a different direction. The majority of the cards are not symmetrical.



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