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Projector Table Projection Painting Set For Kids


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Projector Table Projection Painting Set For Kids. A nice proposition for a toddler who likes to paint and draw. A board – a projector with 3 sets of patterns to be displayed on a board or a wall, will surely interest every little artist.

The projector has adjustable tilt angles, so you can use it on the board itself and display pictures on the wall. It can be completely folded and stowed in a drawer – it takes up little space when folded. The use of the projector is wide, you can display pictures (animals, cars, various meals) on the blackboard, but also on the wall in the evening.

A very nicely made board will be a lot of fun while having fun. Great fun guaranteed. Using the projector, you can – copy the displayed pictures on a piece of paper, so that the child exercises his hand and drawing, you can also display pictures on the wall and create various stories.

  • 12 markers
  • 3 sets of patterns for the projector
  • Painting book
  • Base dimensions 19 cm x 15 cm
  • Dimensions of the drawing area 15 cm x 11.5 cm
  • Projector arm height 20 cm


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