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Nerf Doomlands Toy Blaster With Hammer Action Darts For Kids


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  • HAMMER-ACTION BLASTING: Pull back the hammer and press the trigger to start blasting with the Persuader Nerf Doomlands blaster that’s powered by you — no batteries required
  • FIRE 4 DARTS IN A ROW FROM THE 4-BARREL BLASTER: Shoot 4 darts in a row from this Doomlands Nerf toy blaster that has 4 barrels and comes with 4 Nerf Doomlands darts
  • INCLUDES 4 NERF DARTS: Includes 4 Official Nerf Doomlands Elite darts that are tested and approved for performance and quality and constructed of foam with flexible, hollow tips
  • SEE INSIDE THE BLASTER: Look through the clear area on this Doomlands Nerf blaster to see the internal firing mechanism and watch it in action when you fire the blaster
  • Product Dimensions 2.44 x 11.77 x 8.35 inches
  • Item Weight 13.4 ounces
  • Manufacturer Hasbro


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