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Nadle SL-B1 Baby Toddler 3 Wheel First Balance Cycle for Kids


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  • High-quality carbon steel folding body structure.
  • Environmentally friendly plastic accessories.
  • Configuration front basket.
  • One-click folding and storage.
  • One-button folding function and installation-free, space-saving and time-saving, large-space storage basket, cultivating good habits for children, adjustable seat suitable for children aged 2-5.
  • This tricycle is composed of high-carbon steel frame, EVA silent wheels, PP cushions, and better materials, giving children a longer and better riding experience.
  • The three wheels are placed reasonably to ensure the children’s center of gravity and balance. Authentic saddle backrest prevents children from deviating from the seat. Non-slip handlebar design. Children can play safely.
  • Bright colors, popular with children, the best choice for gifts.

Nadle SL-B1


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