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Multicolor Irtifa F Plus Furniture for Kids and Toddlers


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  • Brand: KinderKazar
  • Finish: Dico Paint
  • Style: Irtifa F Plus
  • Color: Multi Color
  • Included: Study Table
  • Material: Wood

Additional specifications:

– Customisations: None

– Size: Standard

  • Mattress areas: L6’ x W3’ each
  • Total main structure: L14’2” x W3’3” approx.
  • Table length total: 7’3” approx. (protrudes 4’ out from the main structure)

– Colour scheme: TBD

– Construction: Double reinforced MDF construction with underlying wooden support

– Finish: Premium High gloss lustrous Duco

– Included in the price: The main structure with 2 fixed and 1 slide out bed, 2 wardrobe, 1 workstation, 13 drawers and upholstery.

– Not included: mattresses; accessories and equipment shown in the picture;


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