Mini Water Dispenser
Mini Water Dispenser
Mini Water Dispenser
Mini Water Dispenser
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Mini Water Dispenser Toy Playset For Kids


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  • Mini Water Dispenser Toy Playset For Kids
  • Mini water dispenser for kids: This children’s water dispenser is very suitable for play kitchens, dollhouses, restaurants, etc. It can be filled with pure water or other beverages.
  • It can be used as a real water dispenser. The mini water dispenser allows children to experience Real life scenarios, develop a good habit of drinking water.
    Perfect design: This water dispenser for kids has a size that children can operate by themselves.
  • It can improve children’s self-care ability, imagination and creativity. The water flow is slow and suitable for the rhythm of children.
  • The sound and lighting effects increase the fun of the game and bring joy to the children.
  • Cute water dispenser: Press with regular force, at this time water will flow out of the drinking fountain, when children press hard, the water will also have sound and light effects at the same time, which can effectively exercise the children’s hand strength.
  • Children dollhouse playset accessories: Unique and cute appearance design, real operation and water outlet method, making it a wonderful doll house drinking fountain, a special desk water dispenser.
  • Prefect gift: This kids water dispenser is an ideal toy for boys and girls on birthdays, and it is very suitable as a gift for children.


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