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Magnetic DIY 47 Pcs Tile Building Block for Kids


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  • Magnetic DIY 47 Pcs Tile Building Block for Kids
  • 47 Pieces Magnet Building Block Set: Contains 47 pieces of various geometric shapes tiles including Square, Triangle, Roof, Pipeline and Marbles.
  • Among them, some are traditional clear colors, some are hollow windows, some are bending pipes and others are embeded with educational graphics card board(Poke the card board and it will rotate).
  • Double magnetized stripes fixed in each edge provides super strong magnets and guarantee sturdy for tall structures.
  • Unique Marble Run Advanced Kit: Materials provided in the kit can be assembled into a complex pipeline construction.
  • Kids can build their own structure with sliding pipeline inside. Place the ball from the top and watch it roll to bottom along the path he/she design, believe me this brings him/her great sense of accomplishment.
  • Funny Preschool Educational Game: Kids can use these geometric elements flexibly to create a flat graphics like an animal, or stack and build a tall 3D structures like tower.
  • If try them on the window glass in some sunshine, the little child will get the surprising colorful shadow on the ground.
  • It’s often chosen as a classroom reward, party activity favor, birthday gift toys for boys girls kids toddler children.
  • Learning by Playing STEM Toys: As a typical creative inspirational toys, the building tiles playset is helpful in toddlers’ brain development to acquire sense of color, geometrical shapes, structures, and is beneficial for creativity, confidence and teamwork.
  • In a word, they are building not only just a tower, but also their own personality.
    Put Safety First: The magnetized tiles are made of non-toxic ABS material(BPA and Phthate free) and designed with round smooth edge to prevent scratching.
  • Each single playboard has passed the drop test to ensure the shell will not be damaged and expose the internal magnetic stripe.


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