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Little Tikes Touch N Go Racers Blue Speedster Toy for Kids


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Toddlers will love the Touch ‘N’ Go Racers Blue Speedster! All they have to do is touch the marked areas on the car to watch it go, honk the horn and hear sounds all with one little touch!

  • Four touch sensors activate different sound effects and functions on the Green Speedster
  • Engine idles and revs, tires screech, and horn blows when touched
  • Touch the “Go” sensor and the Green Speedster races off with screeching tires
  • Kids will love the sound effects with each touch
  • On/off switch on the bottom
  • Requires 3 “AA” alkaline batteries (included) these are for demo use and recommend to replace before first use
Product Size:

6.30''L x 3.45''W x 2.40''H — Weight: .25ozs.

Carton Size:

7.25''L x 4.00''W x 5.50''H — Weight: .70ozs.


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