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Fisher Price Silly Sorting Monster Puzzle Toy for Kids


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With four colorful shapes for sorting, a spinning roller with three funny facial expressions, and adorable feet to toggle up and down, your little monster will have a blast with the Fisher Price Silly Sortin’ Monster Puzzle!

  • 4 removable shapes for puzzle play
  • ​Spin roller to see 3 silly faces
  • ​Toggle the feet up and down
  • ​Fun textures for baby to explore
  • This little monster encourages big thinking as your baby matches the shapes and finds where to sort them.
  • Silly monster faces, bright colors and different textures excite your baby’s senses.
  • Babies strengthen dexterity as they roll for faces, toggle feet and sort the shapes.
Product Dimensions:

7.42 x 2 x 8 inches


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