Ferris Roller Slide
Ferris Roller Slide
Ferris Roller Slide
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Ferris Roller Slide Track Play Set For Kids


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  • Ferris Roller Slide Track Play Set For Kids
  • The function: when the trolley is at the end, the Ferris wheel automatically moves the trolley forward, sends the trolley on the rail and the trolley moves back along the rail to the end.
  • Bright Appearance: This Ferris Wheel Toy is made of durable ABS material with bright colors that is both beautiful and interesting, making this fashionable suit very suitable for playing and displaying
  • The feature: the Ferris wheel has 3 modes to meet the needs of children. There are two power supply methods that are powered by 3 AA batteries or a USB socket. The type of power supply is very portable.
  • Easy installation: the first step is to align the ferris wheel and press down to install the M-frame.
  • Then install the end rail first, then connect the remaining rails. Finally, install the small accessories, stick the stickers on and put away.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: The size is approx. 38 x 18 x 27 cm / 15 x 7.1 x 10.7 inches. We strive to bring the Ferris Wheel to our customers. If you do not agree with it and are not satisfied, let us know and we will do everything to make it right


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