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Defa Sea Mermaid Dolls Play-Set For Kids


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Defa Sea Mermaid Dolls Play-Set For Kids Wonderful play set consists of 2 dolls Lucy and Bailey, which are made in the form of little mermaids. They are wearing stunning outfits with a sparkling tail. The dolls are carefully detailed , the hairstyles are neatly styled. The set includes a figurine of an inhabitant of the underwater world and other accessories, thanks to which the game will become the most exciting and interesting. The Lucy doll has bendable arms and legs, allowing her to take any poses, and if she is lowered into warm water, then a strand of her hair will change color.


  • Defa Sea Mermaid Dolls Play-Set For Kids
  • Both Defa dolls are presented as magical mermaids with sparkling tails.
  • Lucy doll wears a bright top and a long fishtail skirt made from sparkling textiles in a bright color.
  • The doll’s facial features are thin, neatly drawn. Expressiveness of the eyes and lips gives a light make-up.
  • Blond hair carefully combed and styled in a neat hairstyle. There is a strand in the hair that changes color when exposed to hot air or water.
  • Bailey doll is dressed in the same shimmery fabric outfit to match her mother Lucy’s outfit.
  • The kit includes a figure of an inhabitant of the underwater world and additional accessories, thanks to which you can expand the boundaries of the role-playing game.
  • The dolls have movable body parts that allow them to take various game poses. The arms and legs of a large doll bend.
  • The doll’s clothes are sewn in such a way that it can be unbuttoned and removed, trying on a different outfit for the doll.
  • Role-playing games with dolls help to develop the imagination and fantasy of the child.
  • The doll is made of quality materials with certification of children’s goods.
  • Note: The product is presented in assortment (7 types), the price is for 1 set.


  • Set: Lucy doll, Bailey doll, pet, hair accessories.
  • Age: from 3 years.
  • Composition: plastic, textile.
  • Lucy doll height: 34 cm.
  • Package size: 23 x 6 x 34 cm.
  • Packing: blister type cardboard box.
  • Manufacturer: Defa Lucy.


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