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Dede Baby Toy Tool Luggage Set For Boys


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Dede teaches while having fun with a suitcase toy repair kit, wheeled toy suitcase and repair tools in it is a great toy especially for boys. Supporting the development of manual skills and motor skills, the toy creates a pleasant space for children to socialize with friends. The toy repair kit, which consists of 13 parts and comes with a variety of hand tools ranging from screwdriver to pliers, wrench to bolt, drill to hammer, will help your child discover his / her talents! With the Dede toy repair kit, which is suitable for the use of children 3 years and older, children can have a joyful time with their friends or alone. The suitcase-shaped, wheeled design makes it easy to move to the desired location and helps to lift the toy properly by placing the toys in unused times, children will not want to separate them. You may want to take the children’s imagination, creativity, and the toy that supports the development of intelligence as a birthday gift. A fun and educational gift for children, the toy repair kit makes playtime even more fun! You can safely give the toy that is produced from raw material which is not carcinogenic and suitable for child health.


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