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Cute Talking Tom Best Toy For Kids


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Cute Talking Tom Best Toy For Kids is the incarnation of the character of the popular game of the same name for Android smartphones and iPhone devices. Thomas, beloved by everyone, has finally got out of the interactive space into real life and is ready to please the children, repeating the words with his funny voice.

Talking Tom Cat is a funny gray cat who tirelessly repeats everything you say after you.Your child will be the happiest if talking Cat Tom becomes his friend!

Talking Tom can record and play spoken words, as well as various sounds such as claps, slaps, clicks, etc. You just need to turn on the power button, and Talking Tom Cat will start a conversation with you. Tom’s funny voice and his hurried way of speaking brings laughter and smiles to everyone around.

Sensors located on the cat (on the front and hind legs, head, tail) react to touch and reproduce various sounds: purring, “oohing”, clapping, spanking. Cat Tom is even indignant if you try to stroke his tail or head. He sings and tells stories and famous children’s tales in Russian.

  • Turns on when you touch the head;
  • When you press the left ear – will tell a story or a fairy tale;
  • When you press on the right ear – he sings various children’s songs with the voices of heroes;
  • When you touch the tummy – laughs;
  • When pulling the tail or paw, he says: “but-but-but!”;
  • When stroking the tummy – purrs;
  • Automatic recording / playback function (repeat what was said in a funny voice).


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