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Blaze Storm Soft Bullet Gun For Kids


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  • Defeat the Enemy with Powerful Blaster Gun.
  • Most kids these days are always on an adrenaline rush, constantly running around the house and creating mischief.
  • For your energy-charged little one, the WELT Firestrike Blaster is just the right toy. Watch your kid’s cute face light up
  • with delight when you gift this power-packed WELT Firestrike Blaster to them.
  • Ideal for children aged six years and above, this blaster gun is extremely attractive to look at.
  • Sporting a bright combination of orange and blue, this gun will excite your little adventurer to no limits.
  • Enjoy a Life-like Battle Situation
  • This WELT Firestrike Blaster is the ideal gift for your little adrenaline junkie.
  • Thanks to the precise laser beam, you can accurately aim and strike down your enemy.
  • All you have to do is insert two AA batteries if the gun is battery operated, or just simply load the bullet into the gun.
  • Aim and shoot up to an impressive range of 45 meters (15 feet) and remain undefeated on the battleground.
  • Thanks to its quick, rapid-firing power, you can shoot out all t darts in an instant, ensuring that you’re never caught off
  • the guard on the ground.
  • Enjoy the lightning rapidness and thrilling swiftness of this toy.
  • Material PVC
  • Model RV 10
  • Type of Gun Flask, Drum, Full Electric Automat
  • Magazine Capacity 10
  • Compressor Power 3.15 W
  • Trigger Mechanism Single Shots
  • Rate of Fire 3 Shots Per Second
  • Barrel Type Long Barrel With Two Movable Rollers
  • Range 10 Meter
  • Name Blaze Storm


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