TinyHumans is the first of its kind initiative bringing a children and family experiential theme mall in Pakistan that hosts a universe of children’s brands under one roof. We at TinyHumans believe in an environment where the parents’ experience is of utmost priority. By finding all your necessities as well as all your entertainment and accessories in our one-stop-shop, you beat the hassle of driving across the city to find everything you need!

Mission! At TinyHumans, we believe in creating a family environment, where parents and their Tiny ones will accept TinyHumans as their own and continue to do so, parallel to the excellence in all-around services & products that we promise to deliver. 
Vision! To expand our core capabilities through innovation, reliability, superior research and development to create TinyHuman universes across Pakistan and beyond.. 
  • Women’s Section: Eastern Wear, Western Wear, Jewelry, Perfumes, Cosmetics, Ladies Bags and Lingerie
  • Narnia: Toys, ladies jewelry, cosmetics & chocolate station
  • Kingdom of Clothes: Clothing items for Boys, Girls, and Newborns (0-14 years)
  • Robox: Gadgets, toys, electric cars, strollers, custom furniture and more
  • Funland: Immersive arcade with simulators and state-of-the-art games
  • Malangi: Rooftop Restaurant for Food, Birthday Parties, and Events.

Brand Story

From the distant land of enchantment and creativity, emerged the ambitious TinyHumans to show the world how exclusivity can be met with great shopping experiences to truly transform outdoor recreation. Out came from the enchanted land, Tiny, our trusted companion, and everyone’s friend! Tiny was greeted by all the happy faces and characters from around the world.

Soon Tiny began his journey to build the TinyHumans universe. Here is his journey:

Tiny first created Minnie’s Island and it filled with items for newborn babies, infants, and all kinds of accessories and toys that lit the island up, as well as anything the mothers who visited needed for maternity support. Surely, Tiny had made a place perfect for new mothers and infants. Tiny made sure that babies did not cry at Minnie’s Island at all!
Narnia was created next. A land filled with toys from all around the world and for ages, from all the brands even joysticks games. Never before had Tiny been to such a place where all his wishes came true! From RC cars to LEGO and anything he could ask for. Tiny welcomes his friends to Narnia and wishes to host them!

Tiny spent a lot of time constructing the TinyHumans universe. Kingdom of Clothes is an amazing place to shop for kids aged 0-14 years, where casual clothes, dresses, formal wear and unique accessories assure nobody ever runs out of choices, while Tiny ensures no compromise on quality! With best quality and design ever brought for kids at age 0-14 years.

His next idea was Robox, the place of imagination, fun, and dreams! Tiny’s friends could not believe their eyes at the size of the electric cars they could drive there! Tiny made Robox so his friends could also customize their own bedroom at Robox and Tiny’s friends bought bicycles, cars and much more!

Soon Tiny’s friends asked him to create a place where they could all have fun they ever wanted. For this, Tiny had an exciting idea: Funland, his most favorite place in the world! With games, simulators, jet-planes, helicopters, bikes, cars, air hockey, 3-D rides and so much more at Funland, they never ran out of things to do at TinyHumans ever again!